Redskins add depth on D-line

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Redskins add Anthony Bryant. Bryant is a 3 year vet from Alabama, he has spent his time on 5 teams so far, most recently the giants. The 330 pound nose tackle should provide the Redskins with some extra depth in the middle of the defensive line. While this is not a big time move, it may hint that the Redskins really are seeking a trade for Haynesworth, and the trade might be coming sooner than we expected. Bryant is not a definite to make the squad but the sixth round pick should provide some competition at the nose tackle position.


Look out for some Pre-Draft Trades

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We could expect some big moves before the draft.

Jason Taylor

Flozell Adams

Albert Haynesworth

Jason Campbell

Terrell Owens

Brandon Marshall

Darren Sporles

All of these players could be moved before or during the draft.

Rumors from Redskins Park

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According to many sources around the league and from the Redskins organization, the Redskins are ready to make a move with Albert Haynesworth. The big defensive tackle has already said he doesn’t want to play in the new 3-4 system that the skins are implementing. Also he is the only one that is not participating in offseason workouts, something that coach Shanahan really does not appreciate. With Haynesworth contract being so large, suitors will be hard to come by, unless the Redskins for up for Mr. Synder to eat some of the money. I would not be surprised if the Redskins give Haynesworth to the Rams for Adam Carriker a defensive lineman prospect that they have shown interest for, and maybe land a pick or two. Possible Haynesworth and Campbell (as a backup- or even starter for a year as Bradford develops) for Carriker and the Rams second round pick and a fifth round pick. I would like to see that for both teams, Haynesworth is no longer good in D.C. and Carriker many look at as a bust for the Rams. Also the Rams would get there dominating D-Lineman, Sam Bradford and quality backup Jason Campbell. While the Redskins will get rid of extra weight, a lot of weight… and look for players that fit the position like Carriker, also they will gain more draft picks. Something that is very important to the Redskins youth movement, so far the Redskins only have four draft picks in 2010.

After Weekend Moves

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After the NFL weekend moves the top four draft picks become very clear. With the Redskins acquiring McNabb the Rams new they had no chance of getting someone to take Bradford. Also the Rams just released Marc Bulger therefore that pick is obvious, Sam Bradford. With the second pick the Lions could consider Okung or Suh or McCoy. Although the Lions made a move to hint their draft intensions today, as they picked up guard Barry Sims with a trade to the Seahawks. The move shows that they will not move Backus to guard, they will keep him at tackle. Therefore the Lions will look to pick either McCoy or Suh.  Who ever the Lions take, the Bucs will take the other defensive lineman. The Bucs would rather have McCoy because they believe he is a better fit for their scheme. Therefore they hope the Lions select Suh, which most people think will happen, sources have said the Suh is higher on the Lions draft board then McCoy. With the Redskins trading for McNabb they will not get a quaterback in the first round, so they will then target the top person on their draft board, and target the highest need on the team. The Redskins will draft Oklahoma States left tackle Russell Okung.

The first four picks are obvious to me, but the other 250 picks or so should be interesting.

NFL Trade Rumors

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According to Jason La Canfora, a few key players could be on the move. The Dallas Cowboys may be trying to ship RB Marion Barber off. Felix Jones will probably beat him out for the starting spot anyway and they have a decent backup in Tashard Choice. Therefore Dallas would try to get rid of there most expensive and least valuable back.

Also the Baltimore Ravens could move Offensive Tackle Jared Gaither. The Ravens no longer have a need at OL and would like to get whatever they can for Gaither. The probable asking price is around a 2nd round pick. I would watch out for the Redskins to make a move. If the Skins somehow can’t get Okung in the first round, i would not be surprised if they traded their second round pick to the Ravens for Gaither.

Redskins add depth to defense

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The Washington Redskins made another little move in free agency today, as they added CB Phillip Buchanon. The eight year vet should provide the Redskins with a durable backup and potential nickel corner. Buchanon will compete with 3rd year player Justin Tryon and 2nd year man Kevin Barnes for the number 3 corner position on the depth chart. Buchanon has seen stints with the Lions, Texans, Raiders, and Buccaneers. He has produced well but not fantastic, his best season was in 2003 where he had 43 tackles and 6 interceptions. Buchanon is known as a playmaker with 18 interceptions and he has returned 5 of those interceptions to the house. Buchanon was a 17th overall pick in the 2002 draft and provides the Redskins with a lot of speed. The ex Miami Hurricane was known for speed and could see some time at punt returner or kick returner for the Redskins. Once again not a huge splash for the Redskins in free agency this year, but another good role player pick up for the team.

Redskins interested in Tebow

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The Redskins were the first of about five teams so far to contact Tim Tebow for a private workout. This makes alot of sense, because the Redskins seem to be out of the picture for Sam Bradford therefore they could target a right tackle and then a qb in the second round. I don’t know if i would want Tim Tebow in the second though.